10 Cute And Awesome Mini Portrait Tattoos

10 Cute And Awesome Mini Portrait Tattoos

Don't underestimate the greatness of something small. Remember that we are all just small dots in a great, vast universe as well!
These 10 cute miniature portrait tattoos are definitely not joking around. It takes skills & focus to do this. Hats off to the tattooers featured here. Enjoy! ;-)
Abraham Lincoln by Mike Devries.
Realistic portrait tattoo.
It takes patience and good eyes to render a realistic mini portrait.
Tiny portrait tattoos on the fingers.
Good placements are on the fingers, or between gaps of existing tattoos.
Tattoo by Mario Sanchez.
So don't rush your artist, and let him take his/her time.
Tattoo by Mario Sanchez.
Look at all the details fitted into something that small! It takes a steady, patient hand to do that.
Tattoo by Mario Sanchez.
Better than jewelry on the fingers! This miniature buddha head is priceless. <3
Sailor Jerry tattoo.
One of the most influential men of the tattoo industry: the late Sailor Jerry. Much respect!

So whenever you're feeling a lil insignificant, remember this: Everything that's GREAT started out SMALL. We hope you enjoyed this blog. Have a great day! :-D
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