10 Imperious Battleship Tattoos

10 Imperious Battleship Tattoos

As far as ship tattoos go the norm is usually a fully rigged traditional galleon or warship inspired by the ships of old times.
Instead going for the typical old school ship design why not give some thought to a more modern battleship tattoo!!
In the late 19th century and beginnings of the 20th century battleships were the cutting edge of naval technology and the imposing rulers of the sea. Armored and equipped with the largest of guns battleships were a necessity to any nation wanting power on the seas and vital in maintaining a grip on overseas territory. Battleship tattoos are a great alternative to the popular traditional ship tattoos and make for a unique and creative piece of body art. Whether they are inspired by your love of all things naval, a tribute to a loved one who served on such a ship or simply because battleships are big, bold and badass, a battleship is an awesome choice for a tattoo and here are 10 to show you why!
Black and grey by Last Sparrow Tattoo
Bold traditional, artist unknown
Battleship tattoo
Impressive piece by Chapel Tattoo
Awesome work by Dan Bythewood
Battleship tattoo
Ship tattoo
Old school side piece, artist unknown
Brilliant work by Sebastian Domaschke
Traditional stomach tattoo, unknown artist
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