10 Neo Traditional Tattoo Artists To Follow On Instagram

10 Neo Traditional Tattoo Artists To Follow On Instagram

It is impossible to list all the terrific neo traditional tattoo artists out there, but here are 10 artists worth following!
Inspired by traditional tattoos and fine arts, neo traditional tattoos are very elegant, refined and gorgeous. With a luxury of details such as jewels, flowers and other aesthetic elements inspired by Japanese traditional tattoos and Art Nouveau, they are making eye-catching ink. Famous for its female portraits, this style is also great for animal tattoos, traditional classic scènes with a twist and large scale pieces. Get some cool inspiration on Instagram! Eckel, Canada.
neo traditional tattoo
Badass crows backpiece...
Alex Dörfler, Germany @alex_sances_one
Lovely otter...
Bonnie and Clyde: the classic badass lovers, now with tattoos!
Dan Molloy, Australia @danmolloytattooer
Dan Molloy
Emily Rose Murray, Australia @Emily_rose_murray
You recognize the work of Emily Rose immediatly.
Emily Rose Murray
Aniela, Poland @fruduva
Awesome Alice in Wonderland piece!
Great owl and skull thigh piece.
Jean Le Roux, England @jeanleroux
Cool sailor piece!
Lovely cat lady...
Justin Hartman, USA @justinhartmanart
Matador girl with great details...
Neil Dransfield, England @neil_dransfield_tattoo
Adorable aviator dog...
Renan Batista @renanbatistatattoo
Elegant placement.
Vale Lovette, Italy @valelovette
A sleeve of cute animals.
Vale Lovette
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