10 Tattoos For A Healthy Lifestyle!

10 Tattoos For A Healthy Lifestyle!

Cleaning leaving and a healthy life are something most people desire.
Fitness and taking care of yourself are essential for a healthy lifestyle, but did you know a tattoo can also help? Yep, putting your desire for a healthier way of living in ink can be a great way to remember your goals and keep you motivated. Eating healthily, exercising and all that goodness can actually be quite the struggle and shying away from it is all to easy, so putting a reminder on your body can be a great way to keep on track!
A healthy lifestyle inspired tattoo acts as a permanent reminder to work hard and reach your targets, it displays your intent to be the best you can be and they can also look pretty awesome!! They don't have to be a big in your face piece of ink but rather a small minimalist design that means something solely to you and encourages you to follow the path you choose!! If you're thinking of getting your own healthy living tattoo then here's a little inspiration!
Andy Warhol Banana Tattoo by Blame Max Tattoo
Get design that inspires you to be active like this great ballet tattoo!!
Let a barbell tattoo like this remind you to keep working towards your goals!
Life is precious, don't waste it living a bad lifestyle!
A little design like this kettle-bell will always remind you to keep fit!
'Just Do It'... Tattoo by Arthur Voss
A peaceful life is a happy life!
Exercise is essential to healthy living... Tattoo by Tiago Peres
Eat clean live clean... Tattoo by Dr Woo
Always run!
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