12 Beautiful Titanic Tattoos

12 Beautiful Titanic Tattoos

On April 15th 1912 the British passenger liner RMS Titanic sank into the depths of the North Atlantic Ocean after colliding with an iceberg.
Travelling from Southampton, UK, to New York City, US, the journey was the Titanic's maiden voyage. Of the 2,224 passengers on board more than 1500 lost their lives. It remains today one of the deadliest commercial peacetime maritime disasters in modern history!
Interest in the sinking of the Titanic and events leading to the disaster were brought back into mainstream attention after the release of the 1997 film Titanic. An epic romantic disaster film starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet in a fictionalized account of the sinking. The film was the first movie to break the billion dollar mark at the box office and won 11 Oscars!! Aside from drawing attention back onto the Titanic and its fateful journey the film made stars of DiCaprio and Winslet, capturing the hearts of millions in the process!! Whether inspired by the movie or the actual life of the Titanic a number of people have taken their passion for the ship and put it into ink; the result being some beautiful Titanic tattoos! So if you love Jack and Rose then these are some tattoos you'll enjoy!!
A beautiful Heart of the Ocean tattoo by Javi Wolf
Gorgeous Jack and Rose Tattoo, unknown artist
The sinking of the Titanic in a hand tattoo by Scott Howard
Old school style ink, artist unknown
Black and grey traditional, artist unknown
Stunning Heart of the Ocean by Marcello Cestra
Beautiful little piece by Pit Fun Fun
News of the sinking, artist unknown
Brilliant Jack and Rose cameo by Megan Massacre
Awesome work by Jeff Ensminger
Lovely Titanic Tattoo by Riki-Kay Middleton
Colorful piece, unknown artist
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