13 Cute & Badass Tattooed Fruits

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Fruits can be badass, too! ;-P

It's definitely OK to tattoo a fruit.... before you go tattooing real people! Tattoo apprenticeship begins with this, and I experienced tattooing a dozen and more oranges, mangoes and melons as well!


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    Tattooing fruits are fun! Their delicate skins are good canvases to exercise tattoo application.

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    If you're an aspiring tattoo artist yourself, you gotta go through this. If there's one thing you need to know: Skin is precious. That's why aspiring tattooers need apprenticeship, and they gotta keep practicing!

    If tattooing pigs and other animals are not for you, this would be a great starter!

    First thing to practice on? OUTLINES.

    Because the outlines are the framework of the whole tattoo. You have to be mindful of every stroke of the needle.

    Here's a multi-media artist's take on Bananas. Artist: Phil Hansen.

    It's like you don't wanna peel em off!

    Totally love these tattooed bananas!

    Re-vamped an ordinary lemon into something totally cool!

    You can try the manual technique, or use a tattoo machine.

    Cool geometric tattoo by Amanda Wachob.

    Well, yeah, but you'll get to tattoo real skin real soon... ya gotta strive for it!

    Hope you enjoyed these tattooed fruits! Remember to ear your fruits & veggies! ;-D



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