14 Decorative Flower Vase Tattoos

14 Decorative Flower Vase Tattoos

Flower tattoos are a well covered subject, but there are still plenty of ways to make your flower tattoo stand out and be different!
Why not try putting them into a vase?!? Flower vase tattoos are a creative way of making your very own flower tattoo that little bit different. Bright, colorful and decorative a flower vase tattoo is a great alternative to the standard flower tattoo and also gives you freedom in creating a custom piece of ink!
With meaning or not this tattoo looks great, give it a traditional flair and you'll have some serious body art coming your way!! Perhaps a more feminine design a flower vase tattoo is an expressive and intense design, but guys don't be put off- if you want your own flower vase tattoo then go get one!! Throw in a skull and you'll be good to go!! ...Take a look at these 14 decorative flower vase tattoos and see if they take your fancy and if they do why not get a custom Tattoodo flower vase design!!
Awesome traditional piece by Matthew Houston
Love the bold red flowers in this by Alex Bage
A stylish tattoo by Alice Carrier
Ashley Love did this colorful thigh piece!!
Great work by Jenn Small
Awesome stuff by Nautilus Tattoo
Brilliant leg tattoo by Rich Lajoie Tattoo
Lovely piece by Three Kings Tattoo Parlor
The incredible Valerie Vargas never disappoints!!
Kick-ass traditional style by Vittoria Tattoo
Flower Vase Tattoo, artist unknown
Cloak And Dagger Tattoo did a great job on this tattoo!!
Traditional flower tattoo
Flower Vase Tattoo, unknown artist
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