15 Artistic Bridge Tattoos

15 Artistic Bridge Tattoos

Aside from getting you from A to B and helping people cross previously impassible places bridges also look pretty damn cool.
Large, imposing and incredible feats of human engineering bridges are an iconic mark humanity has made on the world. Across the globe bridges connect people, communities and nations, they have fueled the growth of modern civilization and inspired all endeavors of creativity, be it paintings, stories, films and even tattooing!
Bridge tattoos usually feature iconic bridges like the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco and St Johns Bridge in Portland but they can also represent a whole lot more. A bridge tattoo can be a symbol of your journey life, one end the beginning and the other the finish. A bridge tattoo can demonstrate your outlook of life or alternatively your love of human architecture and engineering feats., although with meaning or not bridge tattoos are a creative and inspired tattoo. Thinking of getting one yourself then check out these designs and think about what your bridge tattoo will mean to you!!
Artistic bridge tattoo
Bridge tattoo
St Johns Bridge by Joel D
Great little traditional piece by Max Kuhn Tattoo
Awesome two tattoo piece, artist unknown
Colorful bridge tattoo
Golden Gate Bridge by Aloha Monkey Tattoo
Simple bridge tattoo
Artist unknown
by Idle Hand Tattoo
Virginia Elwood created this awesome old school tattoo
Old school style tattoo
Awesome artwork
Bridge heart tattoo
A collection of Portland bridges, artist unknown
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