15 Exuberant Mandrill Tattoos!

15 Exuberant Mandrill Tattoos!

One of the most recognizable monkeys in existence the Mandrill is a close relative of the baboon and often mistaken for one.
They are however two distinct primates! At home in rainforests mandrills live in groups called hordes and spend their days eating fruit and leading the monkey life. Mandrills also hold the bragging rights of being the worlds largest monkeys! Although it is perhaps the bright colors of the male that people recognize more.
In The Decent of Man Charles Darwin wrote; "no other member in the whole class of mammals is coloured in so extraordinary a manner as the adult male mandrills"... He wasn't lying either, the facial colors of a male mandrill are hard to be matched in terms of brightness and beauty, these colored monkeys are just awesome- and what better way to celebrate this vibrant primate than with a tattoo!! The facial colors alone make a mandrill tattoo a great piece of ink! Old school, new school, realistic or whatever style you want the face of the mandrill always looks good in a mandrill tattoo, simple!!
Neo-traditional mandrill, Artist unknown
Great piece by Chuck Day Tattoos
Contemporary style tattoo by Eva Schatz
Brilliant realism by Evan Olin
Traditional mandrill by Matthew Houston
Great tattoo by Mike Devries
Mandrill and flowers by Myke Chambers
Mandrill tattoo
Old school mandrill, artist unknown
Stunning work by Mike Devries
Contemporary tattoo by Peter Aurisch
Amazing tattoo by Stefan Johnsson
Phil Garcia did this awesome tattoo!!
Awesome mandrill tattoo
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