15 Fascinating Tim Burton Tattoos

15 Fascinating Tim Burton Tattoos

From "The Nightmare Before Christmas" to "Beetlejuice," Tim Burton's creations lend themselves to tattoo art quite nicely.

It is simply undeniable that Tim Burton is a creative genius. His speciality is taking the most fantastical ideas and somehow translating them onto the screen. Whether we are talking about the Rube Goldberg inspired breakfast making machine from PeeWee's Big Adventure or the animated madness that is The Nightmare Before Christmas, Burton continually blows our minds by making the seemingly impossible not only possible, but gorgeous and stylish. 

Given how visually intriguing even his more mundane creations are — think of how a simple suburb is treated in Edward Scissorhands — it should be no surprise that people rush out to get tattoos based off of his films.  

Impressive tribute backpiece by Ryan Sketch Martin...
Edward Tim Burton tattoo
Terrific split tattoo by Tim Childs!
Cool Nightmare before Christmas tattoo by Yogi Barrett.

Burton's animated films are a 21st century version of the illustrations by Edward Gorey, and it is this embrace of the macabre, strange, and unusual that resonates most with fans. We're all a little weird inside, and Burton's helps us understand that fact. 

Inspired by Benjamin Lacombe, please credit the artist.
Frankie from Frankenweenie by Richie Bon.
Badass sleeve by Richard Artist Guy.
By Oliver Sel.
Beetlejuice by Nikko Hurtado.
Portrait of Tim Burton with a cool reflection on his glasses by Mike DeVries.
Cool Edward by Marty McEwen.
Great tattoo by Liz Cook!
Miss Argentina by Liz Cook too.
Epic Wonderland sleeve by Carl Lofquist!
Corpse Bride by Jordan Baker.
By James Artink.
Lovely matching tattoos by Emily Dawson! Tim Burton
Burton's Pokemons by Dawn Yermasek.
Lovely Corpse Bride by Corazon de Oro.
Mars Attack feet by Cecil Porter!

Editor's Note: Mars Attacks! is one of the most criminally underrated films in cinematic history. If you have not seen it, drop what you're doing and change that this second. Ack ack!

By Claire Jackson.
By Aurelio.

We love Tim Burton to death, as you can clearly see. Check out more tattoos inspired by him here and here. 

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