15 Fresh Polar Bear Tattoos

15 Fresh Polar Bear Tattoos

Get some great inspiration for your Arctic ink with these fantastic and fresh polar bear tattoos!
Polar bears are not only a vintage and sweet image related to the Coca-Cola brand. They are also beautiful animals living in one of the most extreme places of our planet, the Arctique. As North Pole's ice field is melting, the polar bear is endangered. Its white fur, peaceful teddy bear aspect and heart-warming family behaviours have made it a positive symbol. But it is also a fierce hunter, as well as an hunted animal... If the purity of ice and snow, as well as the poetry of Northern Lights, are completing its poetic representation, it is mostly an animal struggling with an harsh environment and the careless attitude of humans. Spiritual as Nanuq, the Inuit bear spirit, cute as Knut, the Berlin zoo's polar bear cub, or lonely as the genuine bears looking for food, there are so many ways to imagine your polar bear tattoos. If you are an animal and ecology lover, you could check some great inspiration for your Arctic ink with these fantastic and fresh polar bear tattoos...
Nice piece by Ali Selliman.
The natural beauty of Alice Carrier's work.
polar bear tattoo by Amy Savage
Minimalistic and awesome tattoo by Capitaine Plum'!
The art of David Hale.
Impressive piece by Dominic.
Cute and delicate by Emy Menendez...
Adorable handpoked tattoo by Habba Nero.
Gorgeous one by Linda Räihä.
Graphic by Magda at Ink Miners.
Realistic tenderness by Oleg Turyanskiy.
Badass tattoo by Pavel Roch!
Trippy piece by Sasha Unisex.
Ice field's inhabitants by Susanne König.
Terrific shoulder piece by Valentin Hirsch!
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