Showing Love To These Love Letter Tattoos

Showing Love To These Love Letter Tattoos

We take a look at love letter tattoos, odes to the sexts of days gone by.

One of the great things about tattoos is how they can stand as an anthropological artifact of days past. In today’s modern world of email and text messaging, hardly anyone still uses snail mail. But for centuries, letters sent via post were how the world communicated. One of the most romantic aspects of this fast-fading tradition is the love letter. And what better way to honor this tradition than with a look at some love letter tattoos?

You see, back in the day, this is how people got laid. There was no Tinder or late night booty-calls for the masses to satiate their sexual desires with. You really had to woo your potential partner with the tools available at the time. And none of these tools worked quite as well as a love letter.

Can you imagine sitting down with your quill late at night by candlelight, having only the pen and paper to exercise your sexual urges and desires? Sure, many old love letters contain flowery and poetic g-rated prose, but history is filled with examples of filthy love letters. From Napoleon to James Joyce, many great figures from the past have turned their local postal carriers into delivery boys of pornography.

We certainly admire the lovers of centuries past. We tip our hats to those who had to put such time and effort into getting some action. It is in honor of them and their sexual pursuits that we have gathered a selection of images containing some really sexy love letter tattoos.

Great tattoo, artist unknown #loveletter #lovelettertattoo #lettertattoo
Letter in bottle by Ashley Love #ashleylove #loveletter #lovelettertattoo #lettertattoo
Jemma Jones did this great foot piece #jemmajones #loveletter #lovelettertattoo #lettertattoo
Little letter piece, unknown artist #loveletter #lovelettertattoo #lettertattoo
Traditional tattoo by Matt Chahal #mattchahal #loveletter #lovelettertattoo #lettertattoo
Matthew Houston nailing it as always!! #matthewhouston #loveletter #lovelettertattoo #lettertattoo
Lovers tattoos, artist unknown #loveletter #lovelettertattoo #lettertattoo
Love Letter Tattoo, Love Letter for Matilda #loveletter #lovelettertattoo #lettertattoo

Don’t these tattoos just make you want to sit down and pen an erotic letter to your lover? Of course they don’t. No one does that any more. But, it is nice to remember the days gone by and the extinct forms of romance that used to be so prevalent.

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