15 Phenomenal Black & Grey Sleeves by Jun Cha

15 Phenomenal Black & Grey Sleeves by Jun Cha

When it comes to black and grey tattoos few, if any, are doing it better than LA tattoo artist Jun Cha, he is killing it- pure and simple!
Cha's tattoos all have a similar realistic 3D look and are heavily influenced by ancient antiquity and the paintings and sculptures of that time. Working from Monarc Studios Cha's tattoos are as awesome as they are beautiful and a fresh take on black and grey tattooing.
Jun Cha is at the top of his game right now and is only going to get better!!
Although some argue that black and grey realism tattoos have had there day and more contemporary styles like geometric and abstract watercolor are the way to go, it only takes one look at Cha's work to see a different story. His tattoos go way beyond the normal limits of black and grey and show there remains new ways to use traditional tattoo styles and create phenomenal body art in the process. Now of course the sheer quality of Cha's work means any piece by him is going to be amazing, so to keep it short and sweet we're bringing you some of his best sleeve work, because who doesn't love a good black and grey sleeve!!
Angel Religious Tattoo
Black & Grey Sleeve by Jun Cha
Cha's work is seriously awesome!!
Realistic Geisha Tattoo
Religious Buddha Tattoo
Religious Heart Tattoo
Religious Jesus Tattoo
Brilliant Religious Tattoo
Beautiful sleeve tattoo
Women Tattoo
Zeus Horse Turtle Tattoo
Awesome tattoo by Jun Cha
Zeus Pantheon Tattoo
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