15 Resolute Flintlock Pistol Tattoos

15 Resolute Flintlock Pistol Tattoos

These badass flintlock pistol tattoos will make you feel like a pirate ready to draw your pistol and raise hell.
Flintlock is the generic term for a any firearm based on the flintlock mechanism, and to most people conjures up images of pirates and highwaymen ready to draw pistols and raise hell. For over two centuries flintlock pistols were the single shot weapon of choice, but with the advancement of weapon technology they were replaced by more modern firearms and other improved instruments of death!
Aside from being a common choice for pirates and highwaymen the flintlock pistol was also something of a gentleman's weapon and was often called upon to settle disputes via a fashionable duel! Each participant would be given identical pistols, walk the agreed number of steps then turn and shoot! Thankfully such ways of settling a disagreement are now bound to history, now you can simply abuse them over Twitter...though that does lack the gentlemen's sporting edge! Whether you get a flintlock pistol tattoo for personal significance or simply because it's a badass tattoo then you're making a great choice, flintlock pistol tattoos look awesome and are a always make a great tattoo!!
Awesome thigh piece, artist unknown
leg tattoo pistol
Great tattoo by Hiren Patel
Awesome work by Nazar Butkovsky
A Tim Hendricks tattoo never disappoints!
pistol tattoos Infamous Studio
Jeff Norton created this stylish tattoo
Colorful pistol tattoo Meg Knobel
Old school flintlock, artist unknown
Awesome tattoo by Ria Barrenechea Tattoo
Tony Talbert pistol tattoo
Another great tattoo by Tim Hendricks
Tim Kern created this awesome flintlock chest piece
Traditional flintlock, artist unknown
pistol flintlock tattoo
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