15 Stylish And Elegant Nurse Tattoos

15 Stylish And Elegant Nurse Tattoos

Simple but beautiful way to show your appreciation of nursing. Pay tribute to all nurses out there with a stylish and elegant nurse tattoo!
It is a safe assumption that most of us have at sometime in our lives come into contact with a nurse, they are caregivers, health providers and a pillar of modern society. Across the globe nurses care for the sick, comfort the hurt and occupy one of the oldest professions around, nurses are also rather humble and ask for little in return for the amazing job they do! 
Nurse tattoos are a simple but beautiful way to show your appreciation of nursing as a whole or act as a more personal tribute for someone. Nurse tattoos are often done in a traditional style, with bold lines, simple detail and heavy shading, and in keeping with the traditional theme many nurse tattoos are inspired by nurses from the last century with classic outfits and looks. Overall nurse tattoos look awesome and are a great tribute to an essential profession that doesn't always get the appreciation it deserves!
Adam Lauricella - Traditional Nurse Tattoo
Awesome work by Justin Hartman
Bold tattoo by Lina Stigsson
nurse tattoo
Tattoo by Mike Adams
Flower Nurse Tattoo by Marc Nava
Hand tattoo by Steve Byrne
Old school nurse by John Sultana
Neo Traditional by Brad T
Nurse Tattoo by Dagger & Lark Tattoo
Nurse Tattoo by Three Kings Tattoo
Old school nurse and rose. artist unknown
Stylish piece by Christel Perkins
unknown artist
Bold nurse, artist unknown
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