15 Virtuous Lady Justice Tattoos

15 Virtuous Lady Justice Tattoos

Lady Justice tattoos are a dramatic sight and often incredibly powerful! She is an iconic image in law and morality across the globe!
Lady Justice a symbol and image of the moral force in judicial systems, she is the amalgamation of the Roman goddess of Justice Iustitia and her Greek equivalent Themis, among others. Most commonly Lady Justice is depicted with a set of scales suspended from her left hand- upon which she measures strength's of cases support and opposition, She is likewise often seen grasping a double edged sword in her right hand symbolizing the power of reason and justice, though also punishment on either side!!
Since the 15th century Lady Justice has been shown wearing a blindfold. The blindfold is held to represent objectivity- as justice should be given out objectively, without fear, favor, regardless of money, wealth and power. Together the scales and blindfold show that evidence must be weighted on its own merits! Lady Justice tattoos are a tattoo strongly associated with a persons morality and inner beliefs. Whether they are done in a traditional style or depicted in a more realistic manner Lady Justice tattoos are a very potent tattoo, with their meaning well established images of Lady Justice in ink are a dramatic sight and often incredibly powerful!!
Amazing backpiece by Elvin Yong
Brilliant tattoo, Artist unknown
Awesome torso piece, artist unknown
Great tattoo by Black Castle Art
Awesome work by Carlos Torres
Lady Justice Tattoo with a skull
Jim Sylvia did this traditional style tattoo
Incredible tattooing by Jun Cha
Lady Justice Tattoo
Justin Hartman nailed this tattoo!!
Love this piece by Kyle Griffens
Amazing work by Mike Devries
Lady Justice- Done by Ben Waara
Brilliant black and grey by Roly Viruez
Old school style by Skin Wear Tattoo
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