16 Awesome Daruma Doll Tattoos

16 Awesome Daruma Doll Tattoos

Fans of Japanese culture know the Daruma doll tattoos. These tattoos are inspired by little Lucky figurine popular in Japan.
Round and of vivid colors (often red), they represent Bodhidarma, a famous Buddhist monk. With their moustache, white eyes and odd look, they are making humorous tattoo designs, even if they have a spiritual meaning. Daruma dolls are often marked of a Japanese word, supposed to attract luck, wealth and other positive things on its owner. The legend says that you need to make a wish while drawing the first pupil of the doll. And if the wish is realized, then you have to draw the second pupil. Perhaps it could work for tattoos too! Now, a part of popular culture, artists from Japan and other part of the world have started modernizing Daruma doll tattoos with new school, 3D and geek versions.
By Bonbon.
daruma doll tattoos by Damian Robertson
By Daniel Pokorny.
By Danielle Merricks.
By David Tevenal.
By Eilo Martin.
By Franco at Energia Tattoo.
By Horiei Shinshu.
By Jeffrey Bedia Manzon.
By Mal.
Cool Yoda Daruma by Matt Vinyl!
By Paul Berkey.
Lucky cat meets Daruma by Sanroku.
Badass work by Zhen Cang!
Blackwork by Wonhyung Kwon.
By Yushi tattoo.
Bonus: Cat doll by Meri!
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