16 Burlesque And Glamour Dita Von Teese Tattoos

16 Burlesque And Glamour Dita Von Teese Tattoos

Dita Von Teese tattoos are the solution when you can't have the real Dita...
Marilyn Manson's former girlfriend is now a sexual icon, both adored by men and women. This former porno actress has became a popular burlesque dancer and stripteaser, as well as a fashion muse for luxury brands and designers such as Marc Jacobs and Louboutin. With her vintage and glamourous look, inspired by retro pin-up girls such as Betty Page, teamed with fetish lingerie and latex gothic outfits, she drives her fans crazy. She is as sexy and mysterious in ink than in reality. Dita Von Teese tattoos are indeed playing on her pale skin and pin-up body, but they are more celebrating her beauty in a tasteful and glamourous way than in a trashy way. She is a symbol of eroticism yes, but also of refinement and elegance. A fantasy and a role model... If you admire the sensuality of the American show girl, then you will adore these Dita Von Teese tattoos.
By Benjamin Laukis.
By Csaba Kolozsvári.
By David Corden.
By Joe Carpenter.
By Liz Cook.
By Liz Cook too.
By Luis Fernando Puedmag Vinueza.
By Mike Ats.
By Nikko Hurtado.
By Sam Barber.
By Sophie Lycett.
By Steve Butcher.
By Teneile Napoli.
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