16 Exquisite Shellfish Tattoos

16 Exquisite Shellfish Tattoos

Don't worry, even if you are allergic, these shellfish tattoos won't hurt you...
And for foodies, we talk a lot about sweet tattoos, but gourmands would take a lobster over any kind of cake... And what's more, crustaceans and other shellfishes are making badass tattoos! People living near seas and oceans, with fishermen's activity close to them, know the pleasure of fresh seafood. A good pincer of crab with sauce, yum! It is also a victory to break the tough shell and start the cooking and savoring... Shellfish tattoos are here to celebrate this, but also those odd and badass animals. So, do you enjoy seafood enough to get it tattooed? Take a look at these great shellfish tattoos and tell us if you'd eat or ink them!
By Billy Bracey.
Fun split tattoo by Brian Mead!
By Chaim Machlev of Dotstolines.
By Emilio Cerezo.
Lovely crab tattoo with The Great Wave Inside by Ien Levin.
By Ien Levin too.
So tasty with mayonnaise! By James Williston.
By Jamison Stagaard.
By Kamil Czapiga.
Fun Japanese crab by Koji Ichimaru.
A pun only French people can enjoy by Léa Nahon...
By Magdalena The Moth, matching shrimp emoji for foodie friends!
Badass backpiece by Mico Goldobin!
By Oked.
Cool fisherman and sailor tattoo by Spencer Harrington.
Lovely urchin by Toma Pegaz.
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