16 Gorgeous Neo Traditional Women Tattoos

16 Gorgeous Neo Traditional Women Tattoos

With heavy outlines, vivid colors & exaggerated subject matter new school tattooing is the best of traditional tattoos with a modern twist.
New school tattoos twist the norm of old school tattooing by giving tattoos are more fantastical and contemporary look and taking things out of their context, why just settle for a simple woman's portrait when you could throw a bear into the mix?... The new school take on women tattoos draws more on the imagination of the artist than anywhere else and challenges them to push the boundaries on what sort of elaborate design they can create.
...So what happens when you take a traditional tattoo subject like women and give them a new school makeover? Well take a look at these 16 gorgeous new school women tattoos and find out!!
Woman Bear New School Tattoo by Devils Ink Tattoo
An awesome take on the 'crazy cat lady', artist unknown!
New School Gypsy Tattoo by Vienna Electric Tattoo
Neo traditional woman tattoo
Wolf Women Tattoo by Peter Lagergren
Panther woman by Valerie Vargas
Great tattoo by Steve-Rieck
Brilliant Tattoo by Pat Whiting
Beautiful work by Valerie Vargas
Wolf Women Tattoo by Black 13 Tattoo
Woman Feret Tattoo By Third Eye Tattoo
Neo traditional woman tattoo
Women Bird Tattoo by Third Eye Tattoo
Women Butterfly Tattoo by Three Kings Tattoo
Women Snake Tattoo by Chapel Tattoo
Neo traditional woman and wolf tattoo