16 Sumptuous Crow Tattoos

16 Sumptuous Crow Tattoos

Crow is a generic term used to designate several birds with black feathers, including ravens and is associated with many esoteric symbols.
This scavenger, with its intense black feathers, is often feared by people and accused of being the minion of witches, demons and Death itself. But in Nordic mythology, they were the messengers of gods, such as Huginn and Muninn, the two birds of god Odin. Vikings often got badass crow tattoos. Crows are also associated with fantastic culture and horror. Fans of writer Edgar Allan Poe often get raven tattoos to celebrate his eponymous poem. With their dark and troubling silhouette, remembering The Birds of Hitchcock, they are often coveted for dark tattoos, especially blackwork and Trash Polka. But crow tattoos can be also very positive, with connexion to Native American culture and Nature. If you want to embrace your dark and esoteric side, there is no such thing as mysterious crow tattoos.
Crows are often used in Realistic Trash Polka style designs. Here, a rad sidepiece made at Buena Vista Tattoo Club.
Gorgeous tattoo by Can Gurgul.
Fantastic framed tattoo by Clod The Ripper!
Cool cosmic crow by David Boggins.
The dark and badass work of Grindesign...
Another spooky piece by Grindesign.
Jaw-dropping back tattoo by Ildo Oh!!!
Great tattoo by Joolz.
Amazing tattoo by JPJ!
Creative piece by Kel Tait.
Awesome hip tattoo by Mark Halbstark!
Lovely back tattoo by Marta Lipinski...
Gorgeous one by Nomi Chi.
Bold head piece by Peter Aurisch.
Cool matching tattoos by Philippe Fernandez.
Fantastic chestpiece by Teresa Sharpe.
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