16 Zen Tattoos For Your Inner Peace

16 Zen Tattoos For Your Inner Peace

When life becomes too much stressful, we need things find our inner peace and harmony with the world again. Why not zen tattoos?
Asian spiritualities and religions are full of elements that connect us with Nature and good feelings. The enso, for example, is one of the symbols of zen. This circle, made with one brushstroke, expresses the freedom of mind and its ability to create. Minimalistic and imperfect, the enso means enlightenment, and drawing it is a spiritual practice. We also associate things and objects with zen culture. The zen gardens, for example, with their pebbles, bonsaïs and torii. Buddha statues, with their peaceful faces, are also calming our nerves. But, there is nothing more soothing than Nature: gorgeous and harmonious flowers as well as innocent animals. But zen tattoos can only show you the way. A meditation tattoo can recall you to take the time to free your mind, but it won't have a magic effect on you. If you want to release yourself from stress, follow the teachings of Asian spirituality, admire Nature, surround yourself with beautiful things (such as tattoos!) and take a deep breath... Need some encouragement? We wish that these zen tattoos would relax you...
Gorgeous Buddha and Enso by Niki Norberg...
Abstract Enso by Niko Inko.
Enso and bamboo by Russell Van Schaick.
Creative Enso circles by Tamara Lee Dot.
Zen pebbles by Xander.
Zen Torii with Asian landscape and Asian woman by Michael Taguet.
Geometric meditation tattoo by Mark Longenecker.
Buddha, Om, lotus, Enso, dream-catcher and mandala in this graphic backpiece by Levy Skin and Art.
Simple Enso on the shoulder by Julia Rehme.
Enso and flowers by Jay Vangerven.
Fantastic tattoo by Domantas Parvainis!
What's more zen than a sleeping cat? A sleeping cat Enso! By Gakkin.
Bonsai trees teach you zen. By Holly Jade Ashby.
Meditative monkey by Ikaa.
Cute meditative dog by Jarmo Nuutre!
Bonsai by Ale V.