18 Harley Quinn Tattoos To Wait Before Suicide Squad

18 Harley Quinn Tattoos To Wait Before Suicide Squad

If there are so many Harley Quinn tattoos, it is because the crazy and hot shrink is one of the most popular comics villain.
With her mad grin and sexy body covered with a joker latex costume, Miss Harley is coveted by men and women. There is always a girl looking for her Mr J. or a Joker needing his crazy muffin... We all want to find a special someone as crazy as us! Joker and Harley are the perfect example of the badass and looney couple... Funny and curvy, the female villain is making cool pin-up tattoos, in traditional comics style or more stylized versions. In the highly anticipated blockbuster Suicide Squad, Harley (played by Margot Robbie) is sporting a more contemporary look... With tattoos! We can't wait to see more tattooed Harley Quinn ink (and indeed, to see the movie...)! As a tribute to the psychotic beauty and to make you wait before the release of Suicide Squad, here is a collection of cool and cheeky Harley Quinn tattoos...
Cool hand tattoo by Audie Fulfer Jr...
By Ashley Newton.
By Alex Heart.
By Joey Ellison inspired by Tim Shumate.
By Jo CandyMachine.
By Helena Darling.
By Dane Grannon.
By Christin GloriousInk.
By Shea Rutherford.
By Mat Lapping.
By Konstantin Dovgal.
By Karly Cleary Austin.
By Josh Briers.
By Sim Abbott.
By Strogus.
By Teneile Napoli.
Hot backpiece, could you credit the artist?
Tattooed Harley Quinn in movie Suicide Squad, played by Margot Robbie. Who else can't wait??? Harley Quinn tattoos
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