18 Inspirational Arrow Tattoos

Call them trendy, call them hipster, but arrow tattoos have there for a while. Arrows were used as the first long range weapons.
Using an arrow required skills and an eagle eye to kill enemies and animals. But they also indicates directions and help us to find our way. A Native American symbol full of life philosophy, arrows encourage us to go forward. When you need to shot with a bow, you need to back up the arrow to get closer to your goal: a deep life message. But arrow tattoos can also share many other messages: love (Cupidon's Arrow), strength, peace (when broken), Zodiac sign Sagittarius, masculinity (you know that penis shape...) and a passion for archery sports... So, don't listen to haters: if you want arrow tattoos, get them! They can be inspired by old school tattoo art or be a little more creative, but the meaning is yours. Aim for the best and find some inspiration with these cool arrow tattoos!