18 Jaw-Dropping Sea Horse Tattoos

18 Jaw-Dropping Sea Horse Tattoos

When talking about fish tattoos, we should not forget about sea horse tattoos. Indeed, these little odd creatures are fishes.
There are around 54 species of sea horses, also known as Hippocampus. Their name, in ancient greek, is related to their distinctive head, similar to the one of a horse. It is also called a sea monster. For these reasons, you often find in traditional (and modern) tattoo art designs of creatures half horse, half mermaid. But sea horse tattoos are also very coveted. With their bizarre look, they unleash the creativity of ink lovers and their artists, turning the lovely animals into fancy fantasy creatures, related to jewelry and Steampunk art.
sea horse sidepiece tattoo by Champion Grubbs
Their adorable and recognizable look also make sea horses great for small summer tattoos and new school cartoon fun. These dream fishes, that seem to come from another time and another world, are inspiring tattoo lovers. Discover some of the most gorgeous ideas of sea horse tattoos in our collection.
Sea horse with a real horse head! By Chris Parrish.
sea horse tattoo foot piece by Coire Welch
Creative thigh piece by Gene Coffey.
New school cutie by Jime Litwalk.
Another lovely foot tattoo, this time by Joe Winkler.
Fancy piece by Johnny Smith...
Cosmic tattoo by Lesha Lauz.
Neo traditional art by Lou Hopper.
Vivid sea horse by Megan Massacre.
Badass stomach piece by Neon Judas!
Poetic hip tattoo by Otto D'ambra...
Fantasy creature by Sadee Glover.
Amazing ethnic tattoo by Samoan Mike!
Sasha Unisex, indeed.
Gorgeous piece by Simon Halpern!
Colorful ocean chestpiece by Tashiko!
Rad tattoo by Wonhyung Kwon!