18 Quirky Robot Tattoos

The idea of human created mechanical beings has had a place in stories and myths for centuries.
But of course now we live in a world where such things are no longer a mere fantasy. With the advancement of technology such creations as robots are more a reality than ever, obviously we have a way to go before they rise up and destroy the human race but each day the science of robotics takes a step forward. Robots also find themselves at home in the realm of science fiction and thanks to this we have welcomed the likes of R2-D2 and C3PO into our hearts!
Robotic imagery has also entered the world of tattoos and mechanical style tattoos have been all the rage in recent years, cables and wires appearing as if they are under the skin have been somewhat of a tattooing trend but you can't beat the quirkiness of a simple robot tattoo!! Whether they are fantasy, realistic, color or black and grey robot tattoos are a quirky little option for any techno enthusiast and here are 18 to prove it!
Star Wars Tattoo, unknown artist
Fantasy Fish Robot Tattoo by Ed Perdomo
Great work by Matt Cooley
Awesome tattoo by Mike Woods
Old School Robot Tattoo, artist unknown
Original Owl Robot Tattoo by La Dolores Tattoo
Brilliant C3PO and R2-D2 tattoo by Fred Tattoo
Super realistic style robot by Chris Gherman
Cool new school piece by Captured Tattoo
Kick-ass tattoo by Cecil Porter
Traditional little R2-D2 by Rogue Leader Tattoo
Graffiti Robot Tattoo by Dan Gold
Love this robot tattoo by Elektrisk Tatovering Denmark
Awesome Robot Tattoo by Matt Cooley
Incredible R2-D2 Tattoo by Mike Johnston
New School Robot Tattoo by Stefan Semt
Colorful little robot by Tantrix Body Art
Star Wars Fantasy Robot by Bearcat Tattoo