18 Seaworthy Mariner Tattoos

18 Seaworthy Mariner Tattoos

It was sailors who brought tattoos back to the western world so it is fitting that sailors have become tattoo subjects themselves.
Ever the tough and rugged adventurers sailors discovered far off lands and strange new people and upon sailing home brought the exotic cultures they found back with them, some of them in ink! The birth of western tattooing has a lot to do with maritime history and even today many of the classic and old school tattoo designs are heavily influenced by the open seas and the hardy folks that sailed them!
Mariner tattoos are an awesome way to show your appreciation of tattooing's heritage in a bright and colorful manner, they likewise symbolize ones love of the oceans and the inner adventurer we all have. Mariner tattoos are frequently styled as either neo-traditional or new school designs with bold outlines and vivid colors, so if it's impact you want then a mariner might just be the tattoo for you and both male and female mariners make great tattoos so be inspired and get thinking of which you'll choose! But to make your decision easier here are 18 seaworthy mariner tattoos for you to enjoy!!
Beautiful tattoo, Artist unknown
Awesome black and grey, artist unknown
Mariner Old School Tattoo by Admiraal Tattoo
Vivid work by Ray Wewerka
New School Anchor Mariner Tattoo by Salt Water Tattoo
Traditional sailor tattoo
Mariner Tattoo by The Sailors Grave
Old School Mariner Tattoo by Paul Anthony Dobleman
Female Mariner Tattoo by Tattoo Tai
Great piece by Pietro Sedda
Traditional Tattoo by Power Tattoo Company
Sailor woman tattoo
Delicate work by Tattoo Tai
Tattooed Mariner Tattoo by Forever True Tattoo
Tattoo by Ten Ten Tattoo
Bold Tattoo by Zoi Tattoo
Sailor woman tattoo
Awesome work, Unknown artist
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