18 Space Inspired Tattoos To Explore The Universe

18 Space Inspired Tattoos To Explore The Universe

Space inspired tattoos have become viral on the internet, as if tattoo lovers were looking at the stars and wishing to reach them with ink.
Indeed, the big and badass realistic views of the cosmos are eye-catching, but smaller pieces are possible. With creativity and talent, tattoo artists are playing with our fascination for space. Inspired by vintage science-fiction and popular scenes of movies, they create tattoos that are going from adorable and poetic to jaw-dropping and trippy! If you ever dream to get into a spaceship to explore the nebulas, here is your chance! You can stay in your seat and travel into the galaxy by just looking at these marvellous space inspired tattoos...
Beach view a view on the cosmos by Andres Acosta.
Cool spacegirl by Anka Lavriv.
Sick work by Ben Klishevskiy!
Cute piece by Chris 51.
Creative tattoo by Cristian Douglas.
Impressive scene by Eddie Bonacore.
Epic magic sleeve by Ivan Vostok...
Cosmic underboob by Jonathan Kellogg.
Watercolor cosmonaut by Justin Nordine.
Cute tattoo by Keely Rutherford.
By Kevin Garetz.
By Koi Tattoo.
Planets on spine by Kostyah Dvuhzerkalcev.
Fun piece by Kreatyves.
Futurama spaceship and old school 3D by Marc Nutley.
Another poetic spaceship by N.LamB.N.
By Nelly Morskaya.
Cool hand tattoos by Sara Eve Tattoo!
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