20 Fun And Fabulous Frog Tattoos

Vivid, bright and intense the aesthetics of frog tattoos are rather impressive, whether they brightly patterned or just one color!
Almost every culture has a role for the frog and for such a small creature it's meanings and symbolism could not be any bigger, across the world frogs are seen in hundreds of different lights. In the Eastern world frogs have long been associated with spirituality, wisdom, fertility and magic, and in the Western world frogs have a long history in traditional stories and fairy-tales. The popularity of frog tattoos however has not come from their meanings as such but their aesthetic values!
Frog tattoos use these physical characteristics of the amphibian to create a bold and colorful piece that will surely impress. Many choose frog tattoos purely because they make an awesome tattoo and even if it has no particular meaning a frog tattoo still evokes certain responses, there's something rather charming about a little frog tattoo that you just can't help but love!!
Amazing realism by Black 13 Tattoo
Dotwork, linework Frog Tattoo
Brilliant Irezumi style hand piece, artist unknown
Fantastic Japanese piece by Dominic Holmes
Dotwork frog by RubyArts
Ed Perdomo created this awesome fantasy samurai frog
Fantasy Japanese Frog Tattoo by Colin Jones
Frog Skull Tattoo by Vienna Electric Tattoo
Frog Tribal Tattoo by Prive Tattoo
Great work as always by Nikko Hurtado
Japanese frog half sleeve, artist unknown
Frog Tattoo, artist unknown.
Pirate frog, aritst unknown
Realistic Frog Tattoo by Carlox Tattoo
Frog Tattoo
Tattoo by Hand Made Tattoo
Awesome Tattoo by Led Coult
Tattoo by Nico Tattoo Crew
Frog Tattoo
What would a frog tattoo list be without a little Kermit!!