20 Graceful Marian Tattoos

20 Graceful Marian Tattoos

Mary, mother of Jesus, is one of the most significant woman in history and an icon in a number of different cultures, nations and religions.
She is also one of the most portrayed females in tattooing. Tattoos of Mary, or Madonnas (my lady) depict Mary in a devotional and portrait-like manner as opposed to depictions of her at historical points in her life. Tattoos of Mary primarily depict her standing alone in flowing robes with a slight downward gaze, in this position she is often accompanied by a shroud of light and with her arms open wide as if giving a blessing. On occasion Mary is also depicted holding the infant Christ.
As a symbol of motherhood and the female spirit tattoos of Mary are often tributes to an individuals mother or other significant female presence in their life. Although depictions of Mary on ones body can also be a symbol for the importance of faith in a persons life and a tribute to the role religion has played in who they are. Black and grey or bright and colorful tattoos of Mary are a beautiful and graceful option for a religious tattoo, and if you're feeling inspired by the idea of one then here are 20 for your viewing pleasure!!
Awesome Back Tattoo by Big Kahuna Tattoo
Beautiful work by Art Junkies Tattoos
Delicate black and grey piece by Dark Raptor Tattoo
Gorgeous tattoo by Delirium Tattoo
Mary and Child by Dr Mortiis Tattoo Clinic
tattoo by Fatink Tattoo
Amazing tattoo by Rich Pineda Tattoo
Colorful side piece by Salt Water Tattoo
Incredible Mary and infant back piece by Tattoo Ligans
Gorgeous Tattoo by Da Silva Tattoo
Mother Mary Religious Tattoo by Lone Wolf Tattoo
Old School Religious Tattoo by Philip Yarnell
Religious Madonna Tattoo by Dave Wah
Brilliant black and grey by RG47 Tattoo
Marian tattoo
Tattoo by Secret Sidewalk
Great Tattoo by Sunrat Tattoo
Graceful Tattoo by Secret Sidewalk
Bold old school tattoo, artist unknown
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