25 Deliciously Bloody Tattoos (Part 1)

25 Deliciously Bloody Tattoos (Part 1)

As a horror fan and an occasional gore fan at that, tattoos that involve either excite me.
If it won't freak my mum out too much, I'd probably get some psycho tattoo myself. Anyway, these tattoos aren't all necessarily related to everything gore and horror and whatnot. Sometimes, blood is really just blood.
Can't have blood tattoos without the vampire theme now, can we?
Artist unknown.
Blood diamond.
by Jeremy Miller
Ooooh, missed a spot!
Bloody Tattoo by Tim Kern
Artist unknown.
by Next Level Tattoo
I almost didn't notice that this piece is located on the ‘tramp stamp’ spot. Wouldn't even call it that! Good lower back tattoos are very rare.
by Mirek vet Stotker
by Adamik Erik
Artist unknown.
Bloodthirsty werewolves!
Bloody Tattoo by Ron570
If I'm not mistaken, this particular tattoo is a movie reference but I could be wrong.
by tattooastur / Deviant Art
by Andres Acosta
Somebody has to tell us whose work this is! It's been around the internet for a long time.
by Adamik Erik
The Watchmen fan in me is tingling inside at the sight of that blood-splattered smiley pin.
by Priit Salusoo
by Chris Jones
by Cris Gherman
Man, Cris Gherman does the sickest gore tattoos ever.
by Cris Gherman
by Csaba Mullner
by George Mavridis
Love this Neo-Traditional style piece made more intriguing with a splash of blood.
by John DeWeese
A hauntingly beautiful tattoo.
Artist unknown.
by Dripe / Deviant Art
by Stefan Johnson
by Tommy Lee
by Victor Policheri
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