25 Enduring Windmill Tattoos

25 Enduring Windmill Tattoos

They're iconic, timeless and enduring so kick back and feel the nostalgia of days gone by with these awesome windmill tattoos!
Windmills today are more a reminder of times gone by and a lasting tribute to another era. For centuries windmills were used to mill grain, pump water or both, of course with modern technology windmills no longer hold the necessity they once did, but nevertheless there remains a large number of functioning windmills in existence. The more modern counterpart of the traditional windmill is the wind turbine, though unlike the traditional windmill they don't look as good in ink!!
Windmill tattoos are a nostalgic choice and don't have any defined meaning as such, instead windmill tattoos take on the meaning given to them by the individual, some see them as a symbol of the ability to sustain oneself while others choose windmill tattoos because of the recognizable design and traditional look! Windmill tattoos also have a strong connection to the Netherlands and a number of people get traditional Dutch windmills as a tribute to their Dutch nationality, heritage and family. Whether you choose color, black and grey, traditional or realistic windmill tattoos rarely fail to look great!
Abstract windmill by Peter Aurisch
Brilliant black and grey tattoo by Alex Tabuns
Great Windmill tattoo by Aaron Ashworth
Windmill Tattoo
Awesome leg windmill, artist uknown
Beautiful Windmill Tattoo
Blue Windmill Tattoo
Bold work by Aaron Ashworth
Colorful Windmill Tattoo
Love this old school piece by Oscar Montes Tattoo
Dark windmill by Salvation Tattoo
Artistic Windmill Tattoo
Linework, black and white Windmill Tattoo
Dutch windmill tattoo by Tattoos By Toby
Awesome Windmill Tattoo
Fantasy windmill by Bigghy Gee
Windmill Tattoo
Hand poked tattoos by Gary Burns
Black and white Windmill Tattoo
Mill Old School Tattoo by Salvation Gallery
Small old school piece, unknown artist
Traditional tattoo by Last Sparrow Tattoo
Windmill by Millena at New Moon Tattoo
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