25 Yummy Sushi Tattoos For Obsessive Foodies

25 Yummy Sushi Tattoos For Obsessive Foodies

If you are into food porn, it is the signal you are starting to become an obsessive foodie.
And indeed, when you are turning your obsession into tattoos, it can be weird... But it can also be cool and fun! If you are a sushi fan, these tattoos will make you crave for more, both for ink and for food! Sushis are delicious, pretty and trendy. No need to be a Japanese culture enthusiast, they can be eaten in every part of the world. The art of sushi (yes, it is an art in Japan) inspires pop culture but also tattoo art. Some sushi tattoos look so realistic you are drooling over them, others are funny, cute, artistic, and even completely crazy... What kind of sushi eater are you? Don't pour wasabi on these sushi tattoos, you can't eat them... But you can get them!
Ready to savor by Tony Wayne.
Delicious tattoo by Stefano Phen!
Artistic piece by Spendlo!
By Sergio Bodo.
Sushi party by Ricky Evans.
Mouthwatering piece by Nick Sundstrom.
Creative tattoo by Luleone.
Minimalistic and cute by Loreprod.
Great tattoo by Leah Moule.
Succulent little piece by Kristal Tarron.
By Just Alan.
By Joaquin Molina.
Never again, are you sure? By Jimmy Maria.
Yum! By Jeremy Hulett.
By El Tanque.
By Dan Leggett.
It looks so real! By Caryl Cunningham.
Haha! By Carrie Clarke.
By Breah Beshore.
Cute one by Brandon Jordan Hendrickson.
Cool one by Billy Hay.
And its twin by Alejandro Pachon...
Cool piece by Amanda Leadman.
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