Are Tattooed Cars The Next Big Thing?

Are Tattooed Cars The Next Big Thing?

Pimping your ride and giving it an awesome paint job is nothing new in customized cars, but how about customizing them with a tattoo flair?
Tattoos of cars are a popular choice but giving your car a tattooed look is a little less common and possibly a little more expensive, however having a custom tattoo inspired ride is surely a worthwhile investment, but is it something you would consider?
Aleksy and a 'tattooed' Gumpert Apollo Supercar
In 2014 tattoo artist Aleksy Marcinow ( was commissioned by Elo, the founder and owner of London Motor Museum, to create a custom tattoo themed paint job for a Gumpert Apollo supercar for the launch of the Gumball 3000 Rally. For the cars tattoo design Marcinow took influence from traditional Japanese art and Irezumi tattooing!
The project took roughly two weeks to complete and Marcinow used the skills he learned tattooing and simply transferred them to the body of the car, only instead of creating art on skin he was doing it on carbon fiber.
The car certainly drew in the crowds!!
It's clear the completed car looks pretty awesome but is it something you would consider doing to your ride? And what would you choose: a flaming skull, an old school cobra or even a contemporary geometric pattern?
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