Are These Smurf Tattoos Crazy Or Smurftastic?

Yes, some people are wearing smurf tattoos. Indeed, many ink lovers enjoying getting their comic strip heroes tattooed...
And the smurfs are not only the heroes of the comics created by Belgian Illustrator Peyo, they are also collector figurines, toys, cartoons, as well as the stars of two animated movies. So, well, why not tattoos??? These small blue creatures are the epitome of innocence. But they are not always well-behaved in funny tattoos... But just the idea of inking them seems really crazy, so we have selected tasteful and good tattoos to help us make an opinion. According to you, are smurf tattoos a cool idea or something really disturbing? You decide!
By Dani Martos at Demon Tattoos.
Old School by En Tattooer.
Also by En Tattooer.
Fixing your rib cage, by HellMina.
Forearm smurf village by Ian Jansen Van Beek.
Funky Smurfette by Luke Schubert...
Romantic smurfs by Melania Rota...
Scottish smurf by Michael Catanzaro.
Under your skin by Needlez Art.
Muscular by Sharron Caudill.
Naughty Smurfette by Spike, inspired by J. Scott Campbell...
Bizarre tattoo by Sven Rayen... smurf tattoos
Tattooed smurfs, someone?