Artist Gabriel Picolo and the "365 Days of Doodles" Project

Artist Gabriel Picolo and the "365 Days of Doodles" Project

Meet Artist Gabriel Picolo and check out the artwork of the man behind the ”365 Days of Doodles” project.
If this is what you call doodle these days, then what must I have been doing with my life, then.
Gabriel Picolo Forbidden Love
Gabriel Picolo was one of the hottest things on Deviant Art last year. See, he started a project called “365 Days of Doodles” where he created an illustration for each day of the year, updated everyday.
Gabriel Picolo Werewolf
He uses a small Moleskine sketchbook for his doodles. No, not the standard size Moleskine (9x15), but the one that fits right on your palm. I was just as surprised as you are.
#321 Wanderlust
Gabriel Picolo Aurora Borealis
Gabriel Picolo Atlas
We find it funny how he refers to his works as ‘doodles’ because we highly doubt this guy have ever seen what a normal doodle looks like. That's because his ‘doodles’ look as if they belong to some story book or print. I almost wanted to throw out every doodle sheet I own every time I see his ‘doodles’.
Gabriel Picolo Final Fantasy VII
Gabriel Picolo Blackbird
Gabriel Picolo Harley Quinn
Gabriel Picolo Johnny Bravo
His works usually feature animé and movie references, cartoon characters, pop culture icons and whatnot. And as for his style, it's like a a cross between manga illustrations and realism. “I try to take inspiration from everything that surrounds me, being it books, movies, games, something happening on my life or even talk with friends,” he tells us.
Gabriel Picolo
Anyway, Gabriel is a 21-year-old illustrator from Sau Paulo, Brazil. Oh, and also a coffeeholic and a cat-lover, at that. He's currently studying graphic design in college. Like the rest of us, he's no stranger to procrastination, overthinking, and lack of inspiration. This project must be what he uses to fight off the urge to drop the pen and watch TV re-runs instead.
Artist Gabriel Picolo and the "365 Days of Doodles" Project
Here's a sketch of his own tattoos. He actually designed one of them, the first tattoo he's ever gotten; preferring black and grey when it comes to his own body art.
Gabriel Picolo Deathly Hallows
Gabriel Picolo Discovery
Gabriel Picolo
Gabriel Picolo
I've read on some of his posts that he's also designed tattoos for people he knew. He confirms this, saying how his friends used comment about how good his sketches will be to wear as tattoos in the beginning of his 365-day project. I mean, with the incredible detail he puts in it, they have every right to be permanent on a piece of skin.
Gabriel Picolo Wind- Sky High
Here's one of his earliest works.
Gabriel Picolo You're scarier than you think
Started from here (Day #1).
Gabriel Picolo
Ended here (Day #365).

So far, he's expressed his plans on dabbling into comics soon, apart from the new project he's been busy with lately.
Gabriel Picolo
He's currently working on a new project involving mixed media with Photoshop and watercolours. Still on a trusty Moleskine journal. Right after the “365 Days of Doodles” project on the beginning of 2015, Gabriel shared his plans to venture on colour, having focused on black ink in 2014.
Gabriel Picolo
Gabriel Picolo
Gabriel Picolo
Gabriel Picolo
He's trying out a different colour scheme every month.
Gabriel Picolo
Gabriel Picolo
Gabriel Picolo Ghost
Gabriel Picolo
And so far, it's looking up for him.
Gabriel Picolo
Being the shameless person I am, I asked him for an advice he'd give to budding illustrators who'd like to follow his steps (or more appropriately, adventure),

“Find (or I would rather say, create) your own niche, to set you apart from the rest. Everything else is already taken (coming from someone who's still trying to figure out what his niche is).”—Gabriel Picolo
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