Beautiful Tattooed Purses, Totes & Handbags That Every Girl Must Have!

Beautiful Tattooed Purses, Totes & Handbags That Every Girl Must Have!

Travel in style and express your love for tattoos with these beautiful Tattooed purses, totes and hand bags!
For tattooed girls with a passion for fashion. ;-) Enjoy and let us know your fave!
Tattooed Purse
Carry your tattoos and style with pride by dressing up accordingly.
tattooed bag!
Tattoo art looks great on anything, even on bags!
Tattooed bags
Go ahead, take your pick! ;-)
Tattooed purse
Japanese tattoo art bags from
Brace yourself for more of the illest tattoo inspired bags you'll ever see!
Tattooed bag
Bag with tattoos
Bag with tattoos
Stewed, Screwed and Tattooed!
Tattooed bag
Now let's add some girly colors to all that black and keep it bad and bitchy.
Tattooed wallet
Aww, a tiny chihuahua coin purse! <3 ain't that adorbs?!
Tattooed wallet from Fluff Los Angeles
Cute coin purses designed by Fluff LA <3
Star wars fans, here's an Ultra cool Tote bag to lug around your evil plans. >:-)) Which tattoo design would you get?
Tattooed Backpack
It also comes as a back pack!
Tattooed purse, There's also Hello Kitty on super kawaii traditional style! Bag designed by Loungefly. Http://
Tattooed backpack
For the grown-up and tattooed princess that is you! ;-)
Leather lovers, how would you like this native-inspired hand-tooled purse?
Tattooed bag designed by Too Fast. Http://
That's about it for now or i'll go bag crazy! Remember ladies, Live fast, die young, live free and enjoy your freedom of expression! Indulge in your passion for fashion, and have a great day full of awesomeness and style! ;-) we hope you enjoyed this blog!
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