Black And Grey Nostalgia By Spider Sinclair

Black And Grey Nostalgia By Spider Sinclair

It's widely accepted that black and grey tattoos were born out of US prisons in the 1960s and 1970s and popularized in tattoo shops of LA.
There the local gang members would request fine line work and detailed shading. Of course black and grey tattooing has come along way since then but there are those who continue to churn out the prison style black and grey even today, and Stefan Sinclair is one of those awesome guys!!
Spider Sinclair is one awesome tattoo artist!!
When you are known to people as 'Spider' you're certainly going to be one badass guy and that is definitely the case with Auckland tattoo artist Stefan Sinclair aka Spider Sinclair. Working from Two Hands Tattoo and Flash City Spider Sinclair has built a reputation as a classic tattoo artist and is widely recognized for his fine line black and grey tattoos. To put it simply, Spider's tattoos wouldn't be out of place in 1970s LA, his work has a somewhat nostalgic aura that takes you back to the beginnings of black and grey tattooing and is work you definitely need to check out...
By Spider Sinclair
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