Chris Brown Shows Off His Second Head Tattoo!

Looks like Chris Brown liked getting his head inked so much that he got a second head tattoo.
After the Greek Goddess of love and beauty "Venus De Milo", singer Chris Brown get's a bull done on his left side of his head to keep the goddess company. The bull is a symbol of his Taurus zodiac sign. This is after he was seriously mocked on social media as people were saying the goddess was a fail. Unfortunately for him, the heads curvature definitely doesn't do the tattoo pictures any good. Breezy doesn't give us any further explanation about his dual head pieces but he does let us know that he does what the "f-k he wants". Thoughts on @iamkingrico's designs? (Cover: @chrisbrownofficial)
the caption goes: "I do what the fuck I want! #rockstar #500 #onehellofanight #legendarynights @iamkingrico" via @chrisbrownofficial