Christopher Henriksen Answers Questions You've Always Wanted to Ask

Christopher Henriksen Answers Questions You've Always Wanted to Ask

Remember our man Christopher Henriksen? He's the one who did that awesome portrait on our CMO, Vic.
He's back, answering our ridiculous questions we know you've always wanted to ask a tattoo artist.
Cophia Nirrvana Shavii, 2014-15 / Facebook
What do you usually think about when you’re tattooing somebody?
Depending on what I am working on, when I'm tattooing I tend to think about everything else but tattooing! For the more complex [part], I might stay a bit focused but my mind wanders often so if I'm not in a conversation with my client, my mind could be anywhere from a tropical beach to just being in the middle of organising the next couple of business days.
Judith Voss Vergara / Facebook
Would you rather have your client shut up while you do your job? 
With that said, I enjoy talking to different people everyday. Especially, because of the private studio settings. It's important for me to have conversations with my clients, though not during the whole session. I still need the time to have my thoughts wander off. But with some clients, the chemistry is just not there. That can easily get a bit awkward, but it's easy to deal with that by just letting them pick a movie of their choice on the flatscreen TV—that's always an option if they're talking too much!
Cophia Nirrvana Shavii, 2014-15 / Facebook
How do you tell someone they have a shitty tattoo?.
I don't really tell people if they have shitty tattoos. I think there's no need. So, usually if someone wants my opinion on their shitty tattoo, I'll pick out one little thing from it and say what I like about that part. It could be a shape, the lining or whatever, but that's all they need to hear to be happy. Unless it's really shitty, so shitty you can't help but think it's just hilarious, I'll probably tease you about it during the whole session.
Which celebrity do you think has the worst tattoo you’ve seen?
I am not so much aware of which celebrities have ‘what’ tattoos, so I can't really answer that specifically. But I know that a lot of great artists in other genres who wear shit tattoos as if they had no clue what's good or bad—which i find really strange because they can probably afford awesome, [quality] tattoos. It can't be that hard to look [it] up on Instagram and find out what's hot. [Almost everything's] available now and so informative of all kinds of tattoo artists and styles! There's even an app that's been made recently called "the brag art list" which contains all the info on hundreds of amazing artists all over the world so it's all served right on a platter. But I guess some celebrities are just too famous for that.
Judith Voss Vergara, 2012 / Facebook
How would you describe your dream client?
My dream client is probably the standard dream client of tattoo artists. One that gives me a lot of freedom with the work we're doing and understands and actually appreciate the time it takes with no whining at all.
Judith Voss Vergara, 2012 / Facebook
Now, how would you describe the worst client?
Speaking of whining—I don't want to hear about it! I don't want to hear [about how] you can't feel your fingers because there's no blood flow. I don't want to hear about the awkward position you're in, everybody says that, pretty much everyday, you're not the only one. It's part of getting the tattoo so suck it up, buddy. I can add that [the] impatient ones are a real pain. They stress out on the whole process instead of accepting the time it takes to have something really nice done.
Anna Schwartz, 2011 / Facebook
Do you ever check out some of your lady clients? Admit it!
No, I absolutely do not check out my female clients! Just because I 'm put in a position of being able to tell them to take off their clothes without it being harassment, doesn't mean i enjoy it or like it; it makes me uncomfortable!
Of course, that's all a lie and I do check out some of my female clients. It's my duty [to get to tattoo them on intimate body parts] but I [also] have a filthy mind just like everyone else. And I am pretty sure if I wasn't married, I'd date clients because who wouldn't? It's an easy way to meet and talk to new people and if the chemistry is there I see no reason not to.
Nadia Elmer Jensen, 2012 / Facebook
Nadia Elmer Jensen, 2012 / Facebook
How do you feel about tattooing really intimate parts (i.e. underboobs/crotch/etc) on both men and women? How do you get used to that?
Regarding tattooing intimate body parts, I have actually only done so on female clients (Except the buttocks—which I've done male clients). It doesn't bother me [to tattoo] those places but I prefer places on the body that are easier to get to, such as arms and legs. But no penises though, because I was once told that if I [ever] do one, a bunch of his friends are gonna come and have the same thing done and I [really] don't want to hold all of their dicks if I don't have to, so I've always said no to that.
Courtesy of Tattoo Model Magazine
Will you ever do infinity tattoos, moustache tattoos, YOLO tattoos, etc, that sort of crap?
I actually do really small tattoos like infinity signs, etc, sometimes. I don't mind doing them, they are so easy to do. You can just add the stencil and just relax while doing it, and I just like to help out when people want me to do such things. Besides, they're not very time consuming compared to working mostly [on more detailed] projects. I enjoy it when I can start a tattoo and finish it in such a short period of time.
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