Daniel Radcliffe Tattoos & Awesome Rap Video That Makes Him D-Rad!

We all know Daniel Radcliffe as the guy who played Harry Potter... But have you guys seen him do some other awesome muggle stuff?!
Check out these beautiful Harry Potter portrait tattoos first then see his superb rap video on Jimmy Fallon & get stupefied! Totally different worlds, huh? Now it ain't just any rap song, it's one of the fastest, tongue twisting songs to date. Daniel Radcliffe proves us that he's definitely a real life muggle and he's D-Rad! Ch-ch-check it out yo!
Harry Potter is a series of fantasy novels written by British Author, J.K. Rowling, the first book (Harry Potter & The Philosopher's Stone) released in 1997. How time magically flies!
Harry Potter tattoo, Tattoo by Mike DeMasi, photo courtesy of Bmezine.com
Harry Potter tattoo
Harry Potter tattoo
The series gained popularity and were successfully made into fantastic movie sequels, played by Daniel Radcliffe, as we all know. It's been years and we'll never forget him as "that guy". So seeing him do normal, human stuff in such an amazing way just becomes really interesting.
Prepare for magic!!! Enjoy the clip & have a great day everyone!