Draw Me Like One Of Your French Girls, Kerby Rosanes!

Draw Me Like One Of Your French Girls, Kerby Rosanes!

Step into the world of Kerby Rosanes and his doodle art, which seems to have a life of its own.
A couple years ago, doodle art was all the rage. Everyone was doing it. You don't really need a bachelor of fine arts diploma to doodle. But one stood out from the rest.
Kerby Rosanes
Hailing from the Philippines, Kerby Rosanes was just a graphic designer who simply found a portal to escape the everyday stress from work through doodling. It all started after a work-weary Kerby got home after a busy night at work. Doodling then became his stress relief. I know right, ‘doodles’ (these people and their so-called doodles I can't even draw a  decent circle).
panda drawing kerby rosanes
lion drawing kerby rosanes
This personal hobby soon grew out of proportion and turned into a full-time thing He's now living the dream of many—to get to do something he loves for a living.
kerby rosanes lion
It doesn't matter if you see an artwork in the big picture or in detail. Kerby's works are the best of both worlds. Altogether, you see the whole thing and it's majestic; a closer look and the details will astound you.
Kerby Rosanes work in the process
In most of his sketches, he uses Uni Pins in all sizes available and the occasional Sharpie marker on his trusty Moleskine sketchbook.
kerby rosanes
He's actually one of the artists Gabriel Picolo, an artist we've featured before, looks up to.
Kerby Rosanes art
Kerby Rosanes skull drawing
Kerby Rosanes art
Kerby Rosanes art
Kerby Rosanes art
Kerby Rosanes art
Kerby Rosanes art
Kerby Rosanes art
Kerby finds inspiration in everything. Be it a tattoo he saw on somebody on the street, a TV show, or a pop culture icon. He can take something out of its comforts and make it more interesting than it really is.
Kerby Rosanes art
Kerby Rosanes art
Apparently, Kerby is an Attack of the Titans fan.
Kerby Rosanes art
His creativity knows no bounds.
Kerby Rosanes art
Kerby Rosanes art
Especially loved these Joker doodles of his.
Kerby Rosanes art in the process
Kerby mainly uses Uni Pins in all tip sizes on a standa
Kerby Rosanes art "In the lake", "INLE LAKE, MYANMAR"
Twin towers by Kerby Rosanes
Rizal monument by Kerby Rosanes
Here are some of Kerby's sketches during some of his travels.
Kerby Rosanes working
“I chose to quit my day job and pursue the one that is close to my heart—best decision of my life so far,” he tells Inquirer PH.
Kerby Rosanes Panda tattoo
Source: Instagram / Blue Arms tattoo studio
Source: Instagram / Enyamahuta
Animoprhia Kerby Rosanes
So far, he's released a colouring book Animorphia and a sequel is on the way. Things are looking up for the young artist.
Never quit drawing, Kerby Rosanes art
Follow him in Instagram.
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