Go Live Your Dream With These Disney's Rapunzel Tattoos

If you are looking for Disney ink-spiration, you will have the choice with these joyful Rapunzel tattoos!
The children fans of Walt Disney have turned into tattooed grown-ups. Internet is full of their Disney themed ink as well as, each day, new fan art going viral on the internet... They especially enjoy tattooed Disney heroines! And it's even better when their tattoos of Disney princesses have their own tattoos!
With Tangled, the Disney's studios are coming back to their roots, the fairy tales inspired by the Bother Grimm. But the 2010 version of their Rapunzel is way more modern, and not only in the design. This cheeky blonde princess is mesmerizing little girls (as well as boys and adults) with her impressive hair and her temper... Inside her tower, Rapunzel dream to explore the world, a metaphor of teenagehood, when we wish to leave our parents to become adults and experiment with life. With her wit, Rapunzel is often inspiring funky fan art, with tattoos, piercings and metal t-shirts... Don't tear your hair out if you haven't found the perfect Tangled tattoo design yet! If you are looking for Disney ink-spiration, you will have the choice with these joyful Rapunzel tattoos!
By Willem Janssen.
Art Nouveau style by Reime Jahr.
Punk cupcake rapunzel tattoo
Beautiful rapunzel tattoo
Romantic landscape by Natalie Rogers.
Lego fun by Max Pniewski.
Gothic Rapunzel by Kelly Doty.
Black and grey by James Tattooink.
Rock'n'roll by Eiktyrne!
Cutie by Bex Lowe.
Cool one by Alessio Manconi!
Want some more inspiration from the artists? Check these!
Rapunzel meets Spiderman... By Brianna Garcia.
Sexy pin-up... By Elias Chatzoudis.
Lovely doll by Jasmine Becket-Griffith.
By Yannick Br.