Guy Jumps off Cliff with Parachute Hooked INTO His Flesh! (Warning: GRAPHIC)

Guy Jumps off Cliff with Parachute Hooked INTO His Flesh! (Warning: GRAPHIC)

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As if being suspended a few feet off the ground isn't enough (and by suspended, we mean with only hooks pierced into your skin to support your weight), try a few hundreds of feet.

Josh Miramant was not exactly suspended a hundred feet mid-air but that doesn't diminish the shock value of his stunt. This guy, who is supposed to have never had any piercings before, headfirst gave suspension a try.

Courtesy of Barcroft Media
Courtesy of Barcroft Media

“I'd never had any other piercings before and it was by far the most painful part of the whole experience.” —Josh Miramant tells Barcroft.

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The San Franciscan performed what was called a ‘suspension jump’ (it's just base jumping, but involving getting your back flesh skewered by hooks) atop a cliff in Ton Sai, Thailand. That means he jumped off of a 377-ft cliff. That's like jumping off one of San Diego's skyscrapers. He's one of the eleven people who have succeeded the daring feat.

The suspension jump consisted of having four bolts embedded into the skin on his back in order to attach the parachute and to make sure it will be able to hold his weight. Yes, we're still trying to grasp what that must have felt like.

They got it all on footage. Check it out, man.

And to think about the sort of pain he didn't know existed until then, you might guess that it's going to be a memory he'll keep and carry on living like the rest of us, average people who don't go having parachutes bore into our skin and jumping on planes, you are mistaken. Josh is now planning to perform the same act in half a year from a hot air balloon.




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