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Washington Wizards point guard and NBA star John Wall doesn't expect to make team USA's 2016 roster.

John doubts his chances of even being considered for the squad but let's put his national heartache aside and take a look at his tattoos!! Because this guy has some serious ink going on!!
Wall's tattoos are defining part of who he is, they are a personal expression of him as a person and the people that have helped him get where he is today- his family. Wall's chest is decorated with ink dedicated to his mother and father, a flower accompanied by 'Mommas Boy' on one side and a portrait of his father on the other. He also pieces dedicated to his sisters.

Photo by Bruce Ely Photography
Photo by Bruce Ely Photography

The work of artist Randy Harris Wall's tattoos all have deep significance and his latest piece was no different. Inspired by the famous biblical verse Psalm 23:4 'Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil", which Wall's already has inked on him, the latest tattoo for the NBA star features Wall himself walking beside Christ through the Valley of Shadows!!

johnwall Instagram
johnwall Instagram

To look at Wall's body is to look at his life story in ink, all defining moments and people are somewhere on him, and there is still plenty of space for what is yet to come! His latest tattoo was also featured on Red Bull's The Red Bulletin where Wall offers some insight into his newest ink and also some of his other awesome existing body work!

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Tattoos are a brilliant way to show your love of what is most important to you and John Wall knows this, with the aim of his tattoos to 'feel like one big picture' you can be sure where Wall's concerned there is definitely more ink to come- and we look forward to seeing it!!


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