Just A Spoon Full Of Mary Poppins Tattoos

Just A Spoon Full Of Mary Poppins Tattoos

If Disney princesses are a tattoo hit, we can't forget Mary Poppins tattoos.
Indeed, the magic nanny is a Disney heroine herself, even if not animated, but she is also an heroine for children and people who kept their child's heart. Adaptated from a book of Australian author Pamela L. Travers, the Mary Poppins musical movie was a tribute to childhood, innocence and the magic of imagination. Mary, with her tricks, smile and funny songs, played a great part in the creativity of many children and adults. They decided to pay her a tribute with tattoos, connected to the tenderness of her universe or to take it into our contemporary world with humor. You can get small poetic tattoos or even ink the gorgeous face of Julie Andrews, as well as other great ideas related to Mary Poppins' magic world. And indeed, while getting tattooed, you can train yourself to say "supercalifragilisticexpialidocious"! Time to visit the wonderful country of childhood with a spoon full of Mary Poppins tattoos!
Singer Christina Perri has got a tiny Mary Poppins silhouette tattoo.
Painting effect by Promenade Noire.
Zombie Mary by Maria Lavia.
Watercolor effect by Krisi.
Mary Poppins tattoos by Kris Notch
Can you pronounce it loud??? By Kofi Olive.
Cool matching tattoos made by Khoi at High Voltage Tattoos!
Cute Mary Poppins doll by Jody Dawber.
By Jay Vangerven.
Great idea by Hollie West.
The roofs of London by Hayli Menzies.
Her famous umbrella by Gabe Smith.
Nice piece by Drew Sketch110!
And this one, also by Claudia Reato, is incredible!
Made at Cedar Springs Tattoo.
Poetic tattoo by Ashh Lynn Smith.
What a dark and cool version of Mary by Anrijs Straume!
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