Let Your Heart Decide With Disney's Jasmine Tattoos

Let Your Heart Decide With Disney's Jasmine Tattoos

If most Jasmine tattoos are based on the Disney graphics, some dedicated fans are getting their own artistic version and it can be amazing.
The children fans of Walt Disney have turned into tattooed grown-ups. Internet is full of their Disney themed ink as well as, each day, new fan art going viral on the internet... They especially enjoy tattooed Disney heroines! And it's even better when their tattoos of Disney princesses have their own tattoos!
The heroe of the Disney adaptation of the most famous One Thousands and One Night's story was indeed Aladdin, but for the fans, Jasmine quickly stole their hearts. The Arabic princess is one of the most popular Disney heroines and nt only for her exoticism. She has beauty, she has temper and she is generous. And don't forget her boyfriend can take her for a flying carpet ride... Perfect girl, right?
We all want some adventure, luxury and magic just like her... So if you are looking for Disney ink-spiration, you will have the choice with these fantastic Jasmine tattoos!
Cute piece by Alex Strangler.
Stained glass tattoo by Bang-Bang.
By Dennis Paul Kline.
disney jasmine leg tattoo
Pet love... By Ester Mazzucchelli.
Please credi the tattooist, inspired by Tim Shumate.
Gothic Jasmine by Javier Rodriguez.
By Keely Rutherford.
New school version by Marc Veneziano.
Cute one by Samantha Pixie Robson.
Romantic piece by Sarah K.
Jasmine is so gangsta... By Sophie Lewis.
If you are still not flying with these, here are other art inspiration to rock your casbah...
By Miss Cherry Martini.
Indeed the badass sexy work of J. Scott Campbell.
Hipster side by Emmanuel Viola.
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