Nick Young Breaks His Tattoo Vow!

LA Lakers star Nick Young is no stranger to a tattoo needle!
The guy's covered in a variety of tattoos from his torso to his hands but until recently he had held off inking his right arm for one very specific reason.
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The logic was simple enough, his A game was his right arm and there was no need to change it...until now!! Perhaps after a poor season where he recorded his worst shooting percentage in his career, Young thought to change may be the best thing, and what better change than getting a tattoo on a previously scared body part. Displayed proudly on his right forearm is now the face of Tupac Shakur, and with new ink will hopefully come better games!!
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Of course fans of Young will have to accept his pristine right arm is no more, but on the bright side at least he has some more awesome ink and who can hate a guy for getting a tattoo, because all the greatest sport stars have them!!