Poetic Tattoos Inspired By The Art Of Chiara Bautista

Poetic Tattoos Inspired By The Art Of Chiara Bautista

Mysterious artist Chiara Bautista has many fans! She creates gorgeous poetic illustrations, both with digital and traditional tools.
Her world is full of magic creatures inspired by Nature and mythology her followers like to meet again in sketches. Chiara Bautista's art is bittersweet, talking of the deception of love and the poetry of friendships. Indeed, she is inspiring thousands of tattoos and she likes to share them on her Facebook page. If you are curious about art and the ink of other tattoo lovers, we invite you to discover the fascinating universe of Chiara Bautista...
The illustrations of Chiara Bautista are full of surrealistic and adorable details.
Many of her heroes and heroines are inspired by mythology and fantasy.
The Art Of Chiara Bautista
The Art Of Chiara Bautista
The art of Chiara inspires beautiful tattoos. Here by Mel Perlman.
Cute piece by Agus Augusto.
Great piece Ash Gravino.
Please credit the tattooist if you know.
Adorable teddy bear mermaids by Gallonegro!
Fantastic piece by Heather McLean!
Stunning adapation of ne of Chiara's illustration by Lucie at Marda Tattoo!
Another gorgeous adaptation by Massi...
Nice one by Mirek Kopinec.
Lovely nesting dolls by Nancy Abraham, according a sketch of Chiara.
Fantastic thigh piece by Nekrostattoo.
The cosmic wolf and his friend by Oksana Weber.
Cool collaboration between Pawel Jankowzki and Isnard Barbosa.
By RaKhan.
Gorgeous piece by Rodrigo Tas!
Romantic piece made at Vainius Anomaly Art.
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