Portraits Of The Blues: Awesome Blues Musician Tattoos

Portraits Of The Blues: Awesome Blues Musician Tattoos

As a tribute to great music, here are some Blues musician tattoos of some great Blues artists.
No matter what kind of music you are into, if you truly love music, I believe that the Blues has a special place in your heart.
BB King
Tattoo done by the awesome Bob Tyrell
Known for his slow but catchy bluesy licks, the man behind Lucille is truly one of the heroes of the blues. No wonder he is nicknamed "King of the Blues".
A beautiful portrait of a younger BB King, with his Gibson "Lucille".
BB King passed away May of this year (2015) in Las Vegas, at age 89. His music is his life's work. A legacy that will forever live on.
An amazing portrait of Clapton in his older years
Most people know him for his song Tears in Heaven. But before all this, he was part of the awesome blues rock trio, Cream. His guitar playing was much more bluesy and aggressive back then. The band dished out hits such as SWLABR, Strange Brew, and Sunshine of Your Love.
A portrait of THE Muddy Waters. Masterfully done by Mr. Bob Tyrell
Now let's get to the deep blue of the blues. Muddy Waters is one of the greatest. His take on the blues was simply one of a kind. His cool, relaxed demeanor contrasted the powerful music he made. Performing songs such as "Got My Mojo Workin' ".
Muddy Waters was also referred to as The King of Chicago Blues.
Eddie James House Jr. AKA Son House was known for his highly emotional style of singing. Playing the slide guitar was also a distinct sound of this blues legend. One of my personal favorites, among the geniuses of blues. He is known for the amazing performances of the songs John The Revelator, Death Letter Blues, and Grinnin' in Your Face.
Blues Musician Tattoos
Known as the SRV Stratman to those who are in the know, Stevie Ray was an amazing electric blues guitar player. With fast and aggressive bluesy guitar phrases, he wowed people with his dynamic style of playing the blues.
The blind blues man behind the keys. Ray Charles is one of the best Blues artists of our time. He is responsible for hits such as Hit the Road Jack, Georgia and Mess Around.

These are just some of the many amazing blues artists to have come around the music scene. I will do a part 2 on this towards the end of the month, so watch out! Check out the Tattoodo blog for more awesome stuff and amazing tattoos.
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